Garage Door Automation & Smart Phone Device Integration in Orange County CA

  • Turn-on inside lights before entering
  • Email alerts when garage is opened
  • Fingerprint-recognition keypads
  • Motion detector: Turns garage lights on automatically
  • Safety sensors: Automatically reverses garage door when laser beam is broken
  • Battery back-ups; ability to open garage door during black-outs
  • Ultra-quiet garage door openers
  • Laser beam parking assistance; pre-determine your exact parking spot

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Opener Accessories

Today, more than 65% of homeowners use the garage door as the main entranceway into their home, relying on the automatic garage door opener for home access. Since the garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part of your home, it's important to ensure the safety of its use. Some of the new features that are not only safety measures but also for your convenience are:

  • Laser Parking Accessory

    Guides your garage parking

  • Battery Backup

    In the event of a power failure, wall control to turns the lights on inside your home before you enter

  • Monitor Alert

    IN-HOUSE monitors installed inside your home ALERT you when you've left your garage door OPEN without having to go to the garage to look

  • Fingerprint-Recognition Keypads

    Eliminate the need to remember CODES or carry KEYS and offers fast and easy secure access

  • Motion-Detector

    That automatically turns ON garage door opener LIGHTS - hands-free- when MOVEMENT is detected in the garage

  • Safety Sensors

    That reverse the door automatically if infrared beam is broken BEFORE CONTACT is made